Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to Crowned by Ohemaa  

Why For G E N U I N E Beauty Skincare?         

Question: Have you ever purchased “Expensive” skincare products just to eventually find out they contain harmful ingredients? I’m talking carcinogenic ingredients, mineral oil, parabens and the list goes on. 

Yes... Honey me to 

Maintaining a skincare routine has played an essential part of my life, but after doing thorough research I was disappointed to learn I was spending money on products that did me more harm than good. So I decided it was time to learn what I needed to know to start my own skincare line, that would be both beneficial for myself and others. I believe quality skincare should be easily affordable, all natural and truly effective. 

We offers skincare made with HONEST pure ingredients that work for you and not against you. 

I’m proud to also mention all skincare products are 

✔️Alcohol Free 

✔️Clean & Hypoallergenic

✔️Vegan + Animal Cruelty Free 

✔️and Contain No Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates


Why C R O W N E D By Ohemaa? 

I L O V E Jewelry and I love to create. At an early age I designed pieces for friends and family, keychains, jewelry and etc.  In high school I took Art 1,2,3 & 4. Painting and drawing was nice, however sculpting and creating things with my hands is what I enjoyed most of all. It’s always been a pleasure of mine and a way for me to express myself. The way you accessorize is a form of expression, which creating jewelry allows me to embrace my creativity and fashion sense. 

Crowned by Ohemaa offers Handcrafted jewelry and All Natural skincare that promotes genuine beauty. There’s something here for everyone!


Last but not least please note that customer satisfaction, health and needs are Top Priority. When shopping the mission is to not only have you fall in love with your purchase but to also feel good about it. 

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience

With Love 

Ohemaa Manza



Based in Charlotte NC

Philippians 4:13